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Christmas 2016 Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

After four years, the city of Aleppo in Syria has been freed from terrorist control. This is reason to celebrate, but this season of war has had a terrible impact on our Orthodox church community and the population of the city as a whole.

It is in our hearts to support our brothers and sisters, help them rebuild, and address whatever urgent humanitarian needs they have. Therefore, we have organized this fundraiser. Please share this opportunity to help the people of Aleppo loudly and widely!

Money has been sent. THANK YOU!

We can receive donations via Credit Card or Paypal:

or, send a check to:
St. Juvenaly Orthodox Mission
PO Box 4631
Kailua-Kona, HI 96745

Please write "Fundraiser" on your check so we know the designation.
(PayPal/Credit Card donations received through the button above are pre-coded for our charity fund.
If your donation includes a comment with the word "Aleppo" it will be rejected by PayPal.)

Gifts will be processed by St. Juvenaly Orthodox Mission in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.
We are a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible for U.S. citizens.
You will receive a donation receipt for your gift. We respect your privacy.

As of March 22, $10,384 has been raised from donors in 14 countries:
USA, U.K., Canada, Australia, Russia, Romania, Albania, Croatia,
Japan, Germany, France, Norway, & the Czech Republic.

Apart from payment processing fees, all money received will be directed toward the Orthodox Diocese of Aleppo. We are asking them to use the money for the rebuilding of churches, supporting their programs, or any other urgent needs they have.

Money will be sent soon! Please let us know if you wish to make a last donation via check.

The Patriarchate of Antioch (via their Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development) has agreed to steward the money to ensure that it reaches the Diocese of Aleppo.
* If, for any unforeseen reason, we are unable to send money via the Patriarchate, money will be sent through the International Orthodox Christian Charities or the Middle Eastern Council of Churches.

Questions? You can reach us at or

— Fr. John

About the Diocese of Aleppo

Archimandrite Mousa al-Khasi (vicar for the kidnapped Metropoltian Paul Yazigi in Aleppo) recently said:

Our diocese has been subjected to tragedies and great hardships. We lost ninety percent of our properties, which were subject to vandalism and destruction. And the great pain remains of the kidnapping of Metropolitan Paul and his absence from the diocese.

Fifty members of our diocese have been killed due to the security situations to which Aleppo has been subjected, not to mention the difficulties of social life, the deterioration of infrastructure, the lack of electricity and its constant interruption, and the lack of drinking water, medicines and other necessities of life.

On account of this standard of living, we are confronted with a harsh pain, the emigration of members of the diocese to places outside Syria and the exodus of many of them to more secure regions of Syria, to the point that the proportion of those who have left has reached forty-five to fifty percent.

We have six churches in Aleppo, a diocesan council, a youth group, a choir, the St Elias Scouts, various brotherhoods, Sunday schools, and the al-Mashriq Model Schoool, which was looted and pillaged. The diocese has a range of programs that provide job opportunities for people so that they can work and live with dignity, starting with a charity which provides medical necessities at nominal prices. The church also has a charitable committee that helps with difficult surgical operations in addition to distributing medicines. We have also opened the St. Elias Kindergarden.

The Diocese of Aleppo is undertaking Christmas concerts and exhibitions, the proceeds from which will go to support needy families. Despite the difficulties, our God is present among us, in our faith, and in our hearts.”

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